Ambassadors Wishes

Special Advisor of Iran Vice President

Has a special honor & pleasure to work with BRCIC. I also express my thanks and respect to my friend Ms. Lu for acting as a hero in this field. Hope to participate in this project in a win-win run.

Benin Ambassador to China

It is a pleasure to work with BRCIC. Your mind will take you very far and blooming.

Slovakia Ambassador to China

My visit to the center has been most rewarding. The present has most appreciated. The opportunity being offered is quite affective. Thank you to all the staff who facilitated my visit and the tour around the center.

Gambia Ambassador to China

Thank you BRCIC for receipting me today. Excellent arrange for Africa.

Djibouti Ambassador to China

Congratulations and best wishes. I am sure that all progects will be helpful to strengthen ties and cooperation between China and Africa through BRCIC and SICAS.

The Central African Republic Ambassador to China

Congratulation to Ms. Zhang for establishing the Platform of North Investment. And thank her for the attribution to our country.

Niger Ambassador to China

The signing of this contract is not only a good opportunity for our country, BRCIC and SICAS, but also a friendly beginning for us all. We hope that this contract will bring us more cooperation.

Mali Ambassador to China

I am here to extend my most sincere congratulation to BRCIC for carrying out Belt & Silk policy.

Morocco Ambassador to China

Taking this opportunities to visit BRCIC, I wish this project a great success, and thank you for your considerable reception.

Chad Ambassador to China

Thanks for your invitation, and hope BRCIC will make a great success in China-Africa Cooperation.

Democratic Republic of the Congo Ambassador to China

Visit BRCIC with great delight, I feel very glad by visiting BRCIC, and China-Africa Cooperation project makes me very pleased.


The Republic of Congo Ambassador to China

I feel very glad to have this exchange activity in BRCIC Qingdao, and I am looking forward to the cooperation between the Republic of Congo and BRCIC.