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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program

This program is run by the College of Entrepreneurship BRCIC, and supported by more than 100 entrepreneurial institutions of higher Education in China. It is based on the regional booming economy of Qingdao, integrates business resources of domestic and aborad leading enterprises, devotes a great part of learning in hands on business initiation and operation. In the sphere of business education and management, students will be supervised by mentors from both professors and enterpising leaders. Most learning takes place outside the traditional classroom setting so that students can closely observe business operation and sense the difference in business cultures between China and the Western world. Face time with entrepreneurs can enhance your understanding of small and middle-sized enterprises and reaching feasible solution to real world business challenges.

By collecting the essence of entrepreneurship education, establishing various types of business management and skills training forum, BRCIC Entrepreneurship school aims for puting forward visionary and innovative strategic proposals to track and meet the special needs of the dynamic development of worldwide enterprises. BRCIC sets out to nurturing interdisciplinary excellent entrepreneurship talents with broad international outlook, sound knowledge base and practical skills in starting and running businesses, keen business acumen in a complex business environment both home and abroad.

After completion of this program, students will be ready for real business scenarios. They can alternatively become professionals in accounting firms, law firms, stock companies or consultancies, or even join the faculty of entrepreneurship education in higher education institutions.

All coursed are conducted in English by using original English textbooks, handouts and handbooks. Our enrollment scope and object is facing to all international high school/bachelors/ masters/ phD degree holders who desire to acquire entrepreneurship knowledge and gain the best business resources through BRCIC platform.


● engage in a study of organisations (mostly new ventures and SMEs), their management and operation, and the changing economic and political climate in which they operate.

● prepare for and to develop a career in business and management.

● enhance lifelong learning skills and personal development to contribute to society at large.

● provide insights into the historical and current ideas in entrepreneurship.

● develop skills in creative thinking and problem solving.

● examine and assess the importance of innovation and its management.

● provide students with a clear understanding of the issues in financing and marketing that face the entrepreneur.

● develop skills in experiential, interactive and integrative learning.

● enable students to develop team working skills.

● enable students with an overview on the patterns and the practices of entrepreneurship in Greater China.


● Cooperate with Qingdao Amazon AWS Joint Innovation Center Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation College(BRCIC) is in cooperation with Qingdao – Amazon AWS Joint Innovation Center. As the leading project of innovation and entrepreneurship in Qingdao, it benefits from preferential industry policies and resources support from government. Excellent students joining this program will have chance to learn professional Amazon AWS skills and to get an internship in their incubator enterprises.

● Located in Qingdao, one of China’s most entrepreneurial and business-orientated cities, BRCIC delivers first-class entrepreneurship programmes for those at undergraduate, postgraduate and executive levels’ students. Our students have unrivalled career prospects. Graduates of BRCIC Entrepreuship School are highly sought-after by leading Chinese and international companies.



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