Academician Assistant Oriented Foundation Program

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Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation College Academician Assistant Oriented Foundation Program is a distinctive foundation course established by BRCIC. We have reached strategic cooperation with Qingdao International Academician Park to provide high-quality education resource and established a "trinity" education model of value shaping, ability training and knowledge imparting, adhering to the world-class, Chinese-characterized and BRCIC-styled education system. Through constructing a research-oriented teaching system, Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation College has optimized the training scheme and built first-class and high-quality foundation courses, cultivating students into high-quality, high-level, diversified and creative talents with innovative thinking, global vision and broad foundation.


● English Fundamentals

● Chinese Culture and Introduction to China

● Mathematics

● IT Essentials (Lab and course work)

● Physics/Chemistry/Biology

● Academicians Training Courses

Course Features

● Characteristic training course from renowned academicians

● Internship opportunities of famous scientific research enterprises in China

● Strong faculty

● microteaching and students-teaching in accordance with their aptitude

Enrollment requirements

● science students with bachelor's or master's degree

● students with outstanding achievements in scientific research are given priority

● Students are required to provide bank saving certificates and sponsor statements when applying


● Academician Yuan Longping

Academician Yuan Longping, expert in hybrid rice breeding in China, father of hybrid rice in the world, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, has won 23 international and domestic awards such as "Lu Zhihe Award", UN "Science Award", "Wolff Award", "National Principal Invention Award" and so on. The goal of Qingdao Sea Rice R & D Center is to establish the State Key Laboratory of Salt and Alkali Tolerance Rice and National Research Center of Marine Rice Engineering Technology within three years. The R & D center has set up three research and development directions: salt-alkali tolerant rice breeding and saline-alkali land rice improvement research, the third generation genetic engineering male sterile line hybrid rice technology ,and rice quality and taste research.

● Seeram Ramakrishna Crissy

Seeram Crissy is a foreign member of the Royal Academy of Engineering of UK, a member of the National Academy of Engineering of India and a member of the Singapore Academy of Engineering. Academician Seeram’s project lies in: China's No. 1 supplier of new materials for electrostatic spinning nanofibers and new materials for nanofibers in energy, electronics, biomedicine, chemical industry and environment and functional textiles.

● Academician Park

Academician Park is a member of the Canadian Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Engineering, and a foreign academician of the Korean Academy of Sciences. The main research interests include plastic foaming technology, foaming mechanism research, preparation of sound insulation foamed materials, biodegradable foaming agent and environment-friendly foaming agent etc. Academician Parker mainly focuses on the field of lightweight and high strength pet fiber reinforced PP, high strength pet fiber reinforced PP, glass-fiber replacement reinforced PP, talc reinforced PP, and pet fiber reinforced PP.

● Academician Wang Yutian

Wang Yutian, an academician of the Royal Canadian Academy of Sciences, is an internationally renowned neurobiologist. Academician Wang Yutian is currently engaged in the pre-clinical and clinical development of tat-glua2-3y in the treatment of neurological diseases. Tat-glua2-3y is an addition to the study of neuroscience, especially in learning and memory, as well as in the study of synapses. The drug has significant effects on three major neurological disorders: drug addiction, Alzheimer's disease and stroke.

Up to now , Qingdao International Academician Park has attracted 75 domestic and foreign academicians , including 54 foreign academicians from 18 countries. Among them , 12 projects , such as Yuan Longping’s " Sea Rice " , have been officially launched .


● This course enables students to learn the latest scientific research knowledge in various fields, at the same time, it also focuses on cultivating students' international vision and international thinking.

● Chinese language courses aims at developing students' Chinese language ability. Students can master basic Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and basic daily Chinese dialogue.

● Training courses for academicians in various fields can equip students with all the professional knowledge and skills required by academicians.


● Passport

● Transcripts and graduation certificate of the highest education

● Police Certificate

● Physical Examination Form

● Bank Saving Certificate

● Personal Statement

● Recommendation letter

Introduction of Qingdao International Academician Park

Located in the central urban area, Qingdao International Academician Park neighbors the Qingdao Horticultural Expo International Park, and is closely connected with Ocean University of China, Shandong University (Qingdao branch) and Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology. It is committed to build up a high-end S&T innovation and industrialization platform featured with leading academicians.

1. Development Goal. Upholding a global vision and international standard, the Qingdao International Academician Park will focus on health care, biomedicine, IT, design and R&D, high-end equipment manufacturing, new material and new energy industry, etc. It will recruit renowned academicians internationally for scientific research and achievement transformation based on the orientation of absorbing “precise and advanced specialized rare talent”. The Park will gather 10 global masters and 100 renowned domestic and overseas academicians in 3 years to build itself into a unique highland of world class for academicians to innovate, pioneer, or invest here.

2. Founding Principle. The following 4 principles will be strictly insisted to. First, to be international. The project will introduce internationally renowned academicians to be full time researchers. Second, to be superior. Superior academicians who are advanced in R&D in different industries, especially those masters who are globally renowned will be the priority. Third, to be formidable. Young and vigorous academicians who dedicate themselves to S&T research will be warmly welcomed. Fourth, to be market oriented. All of the researches must be of great market prospect. An industrial chain or industrial cluster of ten or hundred billions level will be fostered under the idea that “an academician brings a team, a research subject derives mass projects.”

3. Mechanism Innovation. Target oriented and problem oriented innovation on system and mechanism will help integrating advantages between science institute and engineering institute, fusing research ideas and mechanisms between east and west, promoting military-region integration and military-civilian integration, and linking “government, policy, military, enterprise, finance, production, study, research, application and marketing” together. The melting pot will benefit the common progress and seamless connection of S&T research, industrialization and application, and will mobilize institutions, talents, facilities, capital and programs to map out a framework for systematic innovation, scaled innovation, integration innovation and collaborative innovation.

Looking into the future, Qingdao International Academician Park will adhere to its spirit of “Rise to the Challenges to Resolve All Difficulties, Keep Improving to Make Perfection More Perfect”, keep its original aspiration and conquer all obstacles ahead, so as to build itself into an important stage for academicians to mount science and technology peak, and to forge a new innovation ecosystem with huge creation power and scaled emerging industries.