Present Words

Dear friends,

Education is the foundation for the country’s development, national prosperity, and people’s happiness. Education has a basic and leading role in the joint construction of the "One Belt and One Road".

China's Ministry of Education has issued the initiative that countries along the “Belt & Road” should take active actions to strengthen the link between strategic plans and policy consultations, explore mechanisms and models for educational cooperation and exchange, increase the breadth and depth of educational cooperation and exchange, and pursue the quality and effectiveness of educational cooperation and exchanges. Countries along the “Belt & Road” should understand and trust each other, help each other, learn from each other, and work together to promote education development, to promote people's communication, to build the “Belt & Road” Educational Community, and to create a new chapter for the good life of mankind.

Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation College is a specialty university created by Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation Center according to the new mechanism and new model for the promotion of Belt & Road Initiative, with advanced teaching philosophy, high-level faculty, perfect teaching facilities, excellent teaching quality and distinctive school features.

The education and management system of Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation College for international students has been developing continuously. Currently, quality programs have been set up to foster the growth of international students in Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation College. Faculties here are very helpful and enthusiastic. They are full of vitality and courage to explore, tirelessly practicing the duties of educators.

Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation College aims to cultivate more talents in the future and facilitate students to acquire new knowledge, new skills and new career development opportunities.

We sincerely welcome and expect young talents all over the world to come and study in Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation College. We also believe that your experiences here will become memorable and invaluable treasures in your whole lifetime.


Zhang Lu


Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation College