How to Apply

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Entry Requirements

● Complete High School or received equivalent diploma

● Aged 16 to 35

● Healthy

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How to Apply ?

Step 1: Register in - School search - Key words Search - Search "BRCIC" - Choose course - Begin application.

Step 2: BRCIC will review application documents and post admission letter and JW202 form to those admitted applicants.

Step 3: Admitted students go to local China’s embassy to apply for visa ( X visa or F visa) with Admission Letter, JW202 Form and Physical Examination Record for foreigners.

Step 4: Admitted students should register at BRCIC with your admission notice, JW202 form, passport and medical form according to the required registration time on your admission letter.

Students should get residence permit within 30 days after entry. Admission will be canceled for those who don’t register on time without reason. Those who can’t register during required period with special reasons need to contact BRCIC in advance and can extend registration time after getting permission.

Application Deadline

Spring Session:End of Jan

Autumn Session:End of July

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