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The standard Chinese language program is designed for students who want to know more about Chinese culture and improve their Chinese language skills.The classes stress the equal importance of listening, speaking, reading and writing Chinese in order to lay a solid foundation for students on the basis of practicality.

Time of class: From Mon. to Fri., 20-30 class hours a week(45min/class hour)

Course features

About15- 20 students per class

Mixture of International Students

Placement test

45 Minutes per class

Certificate & transcript upon completion

Three main Levels - elementary, intermediate, and advanced

0ver 30 classes available every semester

Teaching concept

● Language learning is best fostered in positive and affective conditions, where the atmosphere is encouraging, challenging, inspiring and motivating.

● Language learning needs lots of practices, which include mechanical drills, meaningful exercises, output training as well as variety of interactions. We design various activities closely related to the learning objectives for the purpose of providing a great deal of opportunities of practice, interaction and communication in Chinese in and outside class.

● Communicative competence includes various knowledge and skills, for example, phonology, grammar, pragmatics, semantics, cultural customs, listening/speaking skills, writing/reading skills, communicative and learning strategies etc. Our courses involve teaching and practicing on different aspects and skills that help for developing this kind of communicative competence.

● Diverse ways of input can satisfy different learners with different learning styles. We provide learning materials from multiple sources and through multiple media, such as paper-based, digital, audio, visual etc.

● The diversity of learners tends to be beneficial to the development of cross cultural communicative competence. We make our efforts to build a multi-cultural learning environment in order to stimulate the interaction among different culture backgrounds and maximize the application of Chinese as a medium language of communication.

● Positive study habits and attitudes play a crucial role in language learning. We help our learners to develop good habits and skills through various means as checking on attendance, assigning homework, keeping assessment etc. Learners are encouraged to keep positive attitude and take responsibilities for their own learning.


CURRICULUM & OBJECTIVES ----- Long-term Learning (one semester or above)


Certified & Professional Mandarin Teachers with more than 5 years’ Mandarin teaching experience








18-40 years old, with valid foreign passport

Documents required

● Application form.

● Highest education certificate (photocopy).

● Transcript.

● Copy of passport.

The application documents and application fee will not be returned no matter you are accepted or not.