Jessie, Ukraine

With the help of BRCIC, I have achieved several goals of learning Chinese. My Chinese level has increased more in the six months. Teachers enjoy teaching and passing their knowledge and experience on to students sincerely. If you want to learn Chinese quickly and happily, BRCIC is the place to go.

Alu, Zimbabwe

My name is Alu. I come from the beautiful country of Zimbabwe. I joined BRCIC Intensive Foundation Program for one year, and I am now a student of University of International Business and Economics in Business Administration. My stay and study at BRCIC has been wonderful. The environment, teaching facilities and infrastructure are world class, and the classes from teaching group like ambassadors and scientists has been nothing short of amazing. And what is more exciting is that I got a chance to be taught and work with our ambassador Paul Chikawa in BRCIC. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to BRCIC, and I will definitely miss this place.

Matthew Miller, American

Professional, well-equipped and experienced teaching staff is the reason why I choose BRCIC. She always keeps me up to date. I recommend this college without reservation.

Kuzika Muwamba, Zambia

I decided to learn Chinese with the idea of working and living in China in the future. Studying Chinese at BRCIC, I can schedule my classes individually! Teachers are good at helping me design my own learning structure. I would happily recommend BRCIC to all my friends.

Kim Min Woo, Korea

This is Kim Min Woo from Korea, BRCIC gives me the opportunity to learn knowledge not only from experienced teaching staff but also from academician and ambassadors. I learned much more from them in just two months. Among them, I really want to express my gratitude to the guidance of my academician tutor Shirely, my research ability in anti-oxygenic macromolecule has been improved a great deal within a short time. She is always helpful and eager to share knowledge with me. I really appreciate her patience and amity.

Kanene, Mali

There are many great teachers at BRCIC, so you can choose the one you like to learn Chinese from. All the teachers are experienced and professional. I highly recommend Emily to you.

Cagri Jones , Benin

I got a bad score in senior high, but BRCIC foundation program make my dream to study in UIBE come true. I’m excited and satisfied with the interaction of my BRCIC teachers! Strongly recommend!

Jacob Clinton, Canada

Ni men hao! I have enjoyed studying Chinese at BRCIC for the last ten months. It`s very easy to study with my teacher and enjoy my classes! I really enjoy the study environment. It is all brand-new and well –equipped. I’m sure to continue my studies here in the future.

Erica, France

Teaching staff at BRCIC is professional and high leveled, it really impressed me. The learning experience is excellent. What an exciting experience to have the classes taught by ambassador of big country, international academicians and famous entrepreneurs. I am pleased to recommend it to all of you who want to study Chinese or foundation.

Natalia , Kenya

Teachers are always willing and patient to help me deal with any of my problems. An excellent experience to study foundation at BRCIC. You will be very happy with your progress just like me. Recommend BRCIC to anyone willing to learn Chinese or foundation.

Anjali, India

Awesome! I've been learning Chinese in BRCIC for 1 year. The tutors are very excellent. They prepare the courses and teaching methodologies tailored to your level. Both my Chinese communication skills and vocabulary have been increased. I would encourage anyone with the desire to learn Chinese to start from BRCIC.