Ambassador Assistant Oriented Foundation Program

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As a positive response to the President Xi Jinping putting forward a major initiative to build Belt and Road Initiative, Qingdao municipal government and BRCIC(Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation center)founded Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation College for international Students from all over the world. Based on long-term cooperative relations between BRCIC and foreign embassies from more than 60 countries in China, ambassador assistant oriented foundation programs of Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation College was established. It links with Colleges and universities, enterprises, embassies and other excellent resources, offering comprehensive, system, professional high-end elite course for students from all over the world. Meanwhile BRCIC (Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation College) will Cultivate more high quality and high end talent elite for the embassies, foreign enterprises, colleges and universities.

Teaching Objectives

● Through full time, high-density professional learning and training, we can improve students' listening and speaking, reading and writing abilities in Chinese and English, skilled use of modern office software, standardization of diplomatic etiquette, negotiation and response of major diplomatic events, communication and organizational skills. Cultivating a comprehensive and high-quality elite talent.

● Make students understand the basic context of China's diplomatic development, be familiar with the country's major foreign affairs and foreign affairs policies, and grasp the basic knowledge of foreign affairs and etiquette. The students are required to master foreign business, has a high level of foreign language at the same time, through an extensive set of elective courses, using the advantages of cooperation between Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation College and more than 60 National Museum, to invite people from all walks of life to College Lectures, for students to create more opportunities in foreign participation practice, students focus on global vision and an open mind.

● Master of political economics, western economics and international economics basic theory, basic knowledge of international trade and finance and basic skills, understanding of international economic theory and international economic and trade development trends, innovative consciousness and innovative ability, advanced international professionals with strong communication skills in government agencies, enterprises and financial departments the actual business, management and research work.


Foreign studies, contemporary international politics, international relations theory and international organizations, the international civil service system and the introduction of international political economy, diplomatic strategy and security, foreign cases, foreign policy analysis, diplomacy, multilateral diplomacy, crisis management, and foreign etiquette, the theory and practice of international trade, foreign economic relations and China introduction to the world economy, diplomacy, international economics; international direct investment and transnational corporations, international business, international business negotiation, marketing, financial management, risk management and insurance, financial market, commercial bank management, investment banking diplomacy, international law, international relations and humanistic quality etc.

Teacher strength

The ambassadors to China, commercial counselors, college teachers and so on. The following is a photo of a part of the guest teacher

Ambassador of Djibouti to China
The ambassador of Armenia


Graduates generally have high level of foreign language , solid professional foundation and extensive knowledge. They can enter all kinds of foreign affairs such as diplomatic affairs and foreign affairs in state organs, enterprises and institutions. For example, the embassies in China, large transnational investment enterprises, governments of all countries, universities, administrative units, education and training, etc.

Application conditions

Foreign high school graduates, who are students, graduates and excellent business representatives, have volunteered to enter the embassy and are eager to contribute to their diplomatic, political and economic undertakings.