Brief Introduction BRCIC

Brief Introduction to Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation College(BRCIC)

With advanced teaching philosophy, high-level faculty, perfect teaching facilities, excellent teaching quality and distinctive school features, Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation College is a specialty university created by Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation Center according to the new mechanism and new model.

BRCIC is located in Licang District, Qingdao City. It occupies an area of 200 acre with an area of school building of 60 thousand square meters. BRCIC has 5 programs and has obtained foundation training authorization from more than 600 prestigious universities in China, including the University of International Business and Economics, which is the NO.1 of overseas education.

The college take full advantage of the high-quality educational resources of Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation Center to cultivate advanced talents with strong innovation spirit and practical ability that meets the needs of society, adhering to the“wide-caliber, thick-foundation, strong-ability, and high-quality”talent training philosophy. Earnestly implementing the national education policy, adhering to the principle of running schools, Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation College has made remarkable achievements in foundation construction, personnel training, and research innovation. Graduates are favored by employers for their advantages of accurate positioning, solid basic knowledge, and strong practical ability.

BRCIC responds to "Belt and Road Initiative" and sets the popular programs for economic and social development, with enormous social demand. BRCIC takes advantage of the resources of Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation Center to ensure the quality of personnel training, highlighting the application programs to meet the needs of employers.

BRCIC regards the faculty construction as the strategic focus of the college's development. It is making full use of the advantageous resources of Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation Center and its cooperating units - Qingdao International Academician Port, China Postal Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park and the Amazon AWS Joint Innovation Center, vigorously integrating the teaching and management experience, education reform achievements, and other high-quality resources of major universities and colleges in Qingdao, and makes great efforts to introduce and train a group of outstanding teachers to create a high-leveled and well-structured faculty team, ensuring the quality of education, teaching, and personnel training.

BRCIC has a faculty team of 120 people, including full-time teachers, full-time professors, associate professors; The college also employs well-known experts and scholars for teaching. More than 30 ambassadors to China serve as advisors and visiting professors in Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation College.

Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation College is a land that carries innovation and development. Innovation and development have already been turned into a miraculous force, leading the builders of the college to be proactive, pioneering, pursuing the spirit of research, and devoting themselves to the creation and development of a new type of college education.

The faculties here are full of vitality and courage to explore, tirelessly practicing the duties of educators; the students here are eager to learn, lively and dignified, diligently exploring the responsibilities and aspirations of college students.

The teachers and students of Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation College are dedicated to their dream-creating spirit to explore education ideals with diligence and enthusiasm. We are willing to share our educational achievements with the communities’ home and abroad to create a brilliant future.

Welcome to China, welcome to BRCIC to fulfill your long expecting dream!